What is Mineski Infinity?

Mineski Infinity is a cost-effective internet cafe which integrates years of cafe management experience by the Philippines' first and most popular gaming brand, Mineski. The main focus of the cafe is to provide gamers with the highest standard of gaming experience within the confines of the cyber cafe, while granting the owners a profitable business with a fast rate of return. Mineski Infinity is established by seasoned gamers who spent a huge part of their lives gaming so we know what gamers want and need.

Why Mineski Infinity?

Mineski Infinity is the ONLY choice in cyber cafes because there is no other company that does things the way we do and still generate a good profit margin along with it. We will provide continuous product and service innovations, host monthly tournaments, and give special and technical assistance to our franchise units.

Furthermore, we are the only cyber cafe unit that hosts Mineski Link, which interconnects all branches nationwide via LAN using the Internet and we are the first to bring the diskless technology to the Philippines, removing the need for hard disks to run on every client.

What is our target market?

We are specifically targeting the 16-25 age bracket and we prefer areas which are densely populated or those around colleges or universities.

How long is the term of the franchise?

The franchise term is renewable every 5 years but this is subject to conditions and depending on the franchisee's performance, we will charge up to 20% of the then-current franchise fee to renew.

How much would it cost?

The whole franchise program costs around 5 million pesos per franchise unit which includes 80 computer units, renovation, etc.

What is the space requirement for a franchise unit?

A franchise unit has a minimum of 80 computers and thus need 140sqm to operate. However, this would vary on the number of units the franchisee wants to include. It is best to consult us for such requirements.

How long is the return of investment (ROI)?

The average return of investment is at 18 to 24 months.

How much is the royalty?

We charge 10% royalty, 3% system-wide marketing, and 1% local marketing. The marketing fees are based on our actual experience in brand promotion and holding of tournaments to keep the market healthy. These charges are already included in the projected ROI of a franchise unit.